SEA SICK:What a beautiful day to be lonely 

Did you seen what happened? I’ve been sick ever since. Although, today I feel better. Today, I see lessons; thus feel stronger.

What do you see? 

I see a nation full of people with faltering hope…feeling desperate and anguished because sheep have shed their clothes. 

I hope my words don’t …but if so-so be it. 

The hatred that we’re seeing tells our story. It killed our families. It’s mixed with our blood. Look at our history..The hatred bred it all. 

Go ahead a spill some Go ahead and 

Over night it’s like the worlds become meaner. White vote no vote.. You message can’t be more cleaner. 

The democrats this election ain’t clean up. Anti the senorita. 

The only thing I acknowledge is malice. I don’t even want … In my pockets.

Self soothing with online shopping. While others say their vote doesn’t count like their ancestors didn’t pick cotton. Broken pieces- blame on Jesus. Omg I hope y’all don’t get sea sick. See me in shit you never saw if it weren’t for these pictures- wouldn’t see me at all. Whole worlds in awe. They forgot we crashed through glass ceilings and broke through closed doors. I’m on the ocean. I’m in heaven. Yachtin oceans 11.

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