Stalked Series: Chapter 16

The Last of his letters

My dearest,
I am in total shock! I was just served a restraining order to not see you after jail-so today I write.
I can’t believe the stuff you say. Why the half truths and lies? I have not, will not ever threaten you!
I’ve never said I would do anything to you but try to make you a happy woman. How could you say such things? You however always threatened me. Either serious or joking said if I ever cheated (well I didn’t so I guess you won’t do what you said) you said you would (a)kill me or (b) cut off my balls or (c) you end my life or (d)never walk again or (e) cast voodoo on me.
I never threatened you. I said I’ll just leave and you’ll see my tracks. I could never try to hurt you. The only time I got physical- you were being violent with me and I was trying to hold you back from your clawing, screaming, hissing, scratching, kicking etc. I had to be firm sometimes but that was for protection and getting you to come back out of your more regular violent rages, then reason with you.
The last time was in early July when you thought I was with someone and you called and screamed come and get your stuff.

I’m sending one more picture because except for the pearls that’s how you looked when you said “I’ve been thinking and Dale…” Youlooked at me with bedroom eyes and said, “I love you. We have come a long way and I wanted to say I’m with you poppy and I’m sticking with you because I love you. We will get through this.” You comforted me and then you fucked me…made love. Then you took me to court, remember? You didn’t keep your word. I haven’t seen you and now a restraining order.
What a bunch of junk and lies. What has gotten into You? Why do you do this?
Now I must change subject line truth.

You came to see me right after I came to jail and I told you to come back -there’s more I’ll tell you.
So here it is-however you need to know so much more. I could tell you in person..please try-it’s safe. If you’re scared you will be behind glass. Please. What I have to tell you could color what I’m going to say now and help you maybe.
I was taking xxxxx (ex wife) and kids to Hawaii the day all that shit happened and believe me I don’t know how,for the love of Pete that happened-this is not me-but anyway-I wasn’t going to tell you until I got back. That’s why my truck was at my in-laws house,okay? With my son going to college, our family was changing and I had always promised my family a great vacation-which we never had. I was going to lie to you-maybe say I was in Madera-I don’t know. I just knew I had to be with them for probably the last time then talk to her regarding final divorce. She told me to just tell her and she’d do it.
I didn’t want to hurt you and if you knew all – you would be glad and commit-I’m sure. See me. I’ll tell you why. I was going there for another purpose as well. Business plan with a friend that would …please see me I’ll tell you why.
I thought we could get things going for us when I returned. I had a plan-still do . I’ll tell you-come see. I wish I could have told you but you were so violent and insecure and I wanted to protect you and keep you because I love you and when you saw results I knew you’d be happy.
The reason I kept telling you to see me is because I had help available for you for your number one concern -see me. I tried to spare you, but now our love is becoming public and I can tell you I love Xxxxx(ex wife), she’s the mother of my children. I respect her and always will regardless of what she’s done. I forgive her however I love you because we are so connected and you have taught me to trust you -but look at this passion, intimacy, friendship. Please don’t let go. I don’t know what you’re thinking but you would love it if you heard it all.
Love Dale
[Footnote: (1) It’s strange the way he states he is shocked over being served a second restraining order; the same way he was shocked about the first restraining order. The first restraining order was temporary; the second one expired after three years. As you can see, he chose to ignore both. (2) I did say I would cast a voodoo spell on him. That much is true. I joke about that with many people. (3) I like how he writes that I physically assaulted him. A man who is way bigger than myself. I never hit him; not even when he hit me…because he was bigger than me. Hell, his ex wife is four inches taller than me and I’m nearly five feet nine inches tall. Again, he knew the letters were being turned over over as evidence; so he used them as a way to paint a different picture for the prosecution. Here’s the thing about narcissist’s…they seem smart, but it turns out their brilliance is very limited. Hence Dale thinking he could paint himself as a good guy who was abused by a violent woman. Meanwhile he is the one arrested for a violent crime; he is the one violating a restraining order; and if you read the police report you’d know the evidence against him is compelling. But good luck getting a narcissistic person to admit they’ve done something wrong. (4) He continues to talk about Hawaii: evidence during trial showed all of the plans to take family to Hawaii was a lie. Dale did tell them he bought tickets and planned a trip to Hawaii. He didn’t. He attempted to build himself an alibi. His then wife was supposed to be found dead on the morning they were to leave for Hawaii. He thought if the family believed they were going on a trip, his kids and in laws and the world would think, ‘This poor man’s wife was killed the day he planned to take them on vacation.’ He didn’t think investigators would check to see if he actually bought five plane tickets and booked a room. You see the flawed thinking? It’s fascinating. And so he writes that he loves his wife and always will…I guess it’s why he spoke of hating her regularly and tried to kill her not once…but twice. One of the few things Dale’s type of personality does best is contradict themselves.
Consistently inconsistent.

Okay hello,
I can only hope you received the big envelope with artwork for you-if not and you receive this letter I’ve discovered ways to contact you and we’ve lost a lot of great artwork of you, kids and me.
If someone contacts you please talk to them as if it was me. The way you used to trust etc. As if they were talking for me.
You said not your business. My truck stuff is my business. What the hell are you doing? We-I work for three years to put us together we were weeks from it-weeks, everything we wanted and you have flipped out.
You know no man loves you more-flowers, movies, bagels, calls, visits, fucking every night, trips, taking care of you. Really? Has any man loved you, cared for you, carried you into and out of doctors offices?
My whole existence is and was you -don’t you get it? My God -I hope you got the other letters. They were great. I had a plan but you were insanely jealous. I could never hurt Xxxxx(ex wife) no matter what you think. You know that. I needed to have peace. She and girls together, my son at college, you and me together, our kids at the same school together.
My defender overheard this from DA office-That they had a weak case with speculation but they said, “Yeah typical black woman, we leaned on her heart and played on her anger and she’s provided us with more than we ever had. Shit with just her we need nothing else . Hell have no fury like a black woman.”
You see, that’s what they think of you. My defender said all this could have been thrown out and I’d just face spousal abuse with time served. I haven’t seen all that discovery yet but please, stop. Quit! Say things like you should have like “I don’t know.”
” I Can’t recall.” “I don’t think so.” “He could never.”
I’ll never understand how you played me or how you let them play you.
My defender said they threatened you and you fell for it. What all did you give them? Did you give them the truck-have you given them my files, personal stuff?
My defender said every thing you’ve done can be changed by saying you were threatened, scared, angry and vengeful.
Please, my life is in your hands. I’ve never been so close to having everything in my life-love with you, money, happiness.
You have to stop think all this through. If you thought I was the one. We can make it. If you are so cold -to not believe in love and don’t want the man you made believe you did for three years-the please let me get out of here so I can at least make the money and let dreams come true.
If you continue these bastards want to see my last days on earth in prison somewhere-believe me, the DA is hard-pressed to make some cases work for her political career -do not continue to help. They had nothing -that’s why they came after you. They don’t want you to talk to me ,why? Their case is fragile -they don’t want you to flake. She said all black woman Flake out. I know this. You are their only case against me and they know it! I sent so much stuff back from Lawyer. Pictured, I hope you got it and you’re got this keep it quiet-nobody knows as in for our eyes only okay? Baby please baby.

Remember I came over and you screamed get out? I just wanted to talk and I followed you to the bedroom -sat next to you and you started swinging. I tried to hold you but I missed your hand you kept swinging. I turned you over and swatted you seven times while you kick the shit out of me. We apologized and that was it. We went out the next night and you said sorry and that you just wished we were together all the time-so why the lies?
Also you said rape. Remember when you would tell me to take you and i couldn’t get hard until you said “I want you please.” Or I would ask, “Do you want me?” Because I could never rape anyone. Especially you. I don’t work like that. I can’t at all -and my only goal was to connect. we did I trusted, obeyed, served, provided and now you are in my house. You are only the cosigner. I bought furniture and have receipts -bedroom, living room, dining TV. You bought dishes and things like that -that’s it!
What did I say in my letter last night- I bless and all I want is to make you happy. Does that sound like a threatening person? You said yourself, “Dale, you could never kill anybody, you just don’t have it in you …as for me …well.” I could not, would not, cannot even think of hurting anyone especially you or kids. I wish you the best and bless you, why? Because, I love you. I agape you.
By the way, I pray for you and the kids along with others . I whisper your name when I go to sleep. I wish you only happiness. I just happened to believe you when you said it was with me. I haven’t heard otherwise from you. He told me no matter what you were going to lie your ass off and just hang on. So I am-but will you please believe me? I love you and I wish you all the success and happiness peace and serenity and bless. If you could see me, I’ll the blanks. You would be surprised at how you could be doing a lot better if you would have faith in your man. I will always love you regardless and wish you well my precious.
P.S.I pray Psalms 51 every day pray for me please.

[Footnote: (1)He is asking about his pick up truck. He knows full well it was turned over to a Sheriff because he asked why I gave it to the Sheriff in one of his early letters. (2) I like how he writes “bagels” as one of the things he did for me. I loved bagels back then. He did do nice things for me. Another thing narcissist’s do well is talk and talk and talk about the great things they’ve done for other people. I’ve spoken to men who have committed sex offenses and murder who have several issues with their character one being they are narcissistic; and one thing they have in common is talking about the nice things they did for their victims. BUT they never speak of the bad thing they did to their victim. (3) I like how he tried to turn me against the prosecution by telling me the things his attorney supposably overheard from prosecution. (4) He mentions in a few letters that I told him I’d lie my ass off. It’s something I wouldn’t say, but what’s more important-if I had to lie it means someone did something wrong..