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CONNECTED: The Quality of Life For Whom, chapter 4

The prose author is Aasiya A. ID-Deen, a native of New York, who has lived in California since 1980. Her love and passion is to bring another level of awareness via her creativity; using various medias: acrylics, collage, recyclables, photography and writing are accessed through her visions of wonderment. Look and see, what can be as she allows you in her world to expose the outer world. Some of her work is featured below. The name of her business is WEIUSUME (we-i-us-u-me), meaning, we are all connected.

An ant, a flea, the cat and dog as well as the elephant and zebra, are among the few contributing on this Earth to BE.

A blade of grass, the budding flowers, even the roots of trees collaborate their essence to BE.

One drop of rain water to the oceans and seas come together in a smooth transition to just BE.

A grain of rice, a grain of sand. . . expressions of the watermelon seed or mustard seed, have linked itself through a cell. . . is this as well you and me?


Photography series by Aasiya ID-Deen

They all lent themselves; itself to the art in creativity. From the creatures with many eyes to no eyes, we have envisioned the beauty of true love in which we evolve. Some through pain, some in joy and all in between. The quality of life comes from our choices of intent with action and the use of negative negativity, compassion or silent voices.

Why become more human-like when the world we occupy is dehumanizing its residents? Tasteless food, without nutrients, but only to change our DNA; to desensitize the emotions, compassions and independent thinking. 


Photography series by Aasiya ID-Deen

Scentless buildings of entry. What will happen to the olfactory bulb that associates with the brain? Odors contribute to the emotions of fear, pleasant and unpleasant responses. Will we no longer smell the richness of Merlot, the sweetness of the rose, mama’s Sunday afternoon apple pies or the smell of your new baby? We come upon a centless world to break down it’s natural independence from power – the soul.

A senseless group of controllers, greedy to move the world. That’s bold, but who really will be left so to speak in the cold? Will our dreams, prayers and hopes only reveal a turnaround, an upside down exposure of our true foes?


Photography series by Aasiya ID-Deen

I don’t want to become more humanlike, and I’m really tired of human experiences. Although, they are constructed, perhaps, for the purpose of earthly lessons or experimentations. Some speak of agendas for the day, month, year and even for a lifetime. . . however that is sorted out to mean. My agenda at this very moment is to just BE so I can get home.
Take time to be with yourself. Are you content, happy with what you have created from within yourself, the environment around yourself, on this canvas called life?

I’ve learned the simplest task can be meaningful if I do it in the right spirit. I’ve learned that every great achievement was once considering impossible. I’ve learned that the great challenge of life is to decide what’s important NOW and to disregard everything else. I’ve learned that you can make anyone smile if you give them a box of crayons and a coloring book (or paper).


Photography series by Aasiya ID-Deen

Buddha said: Do not believe a thing simply because it has been said. Do not put your faith in traditions only because they have been honored by many generations. Do not believe a thing because the general opinion believes it to be true or because it has been said repeatedly. Do not believe a thing because the probabilities are in it’s favor, or because you are in the habit of believing it to be true. Do not believe in that which comes to your imagination, thinking that it must be the revelation of a superior being.

Believe nothing that binds you to the sole of your masters or priests. That which you have tried yourself, which you have experienced, which you have recognized as true, and which will be beneficial to you and others; believe that, and shape your conduct to it.


Handmade journals by Aasiya ID-Deen



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